Netlux Anti Virus Protection 2018 Latest Edition With Ransomware Protection

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TypeTotal Security PublisherNetlux Media FormatsCD-ROM
  • Ransomware Protection, Protecting your PC, Securing your smile We assure you malware free devices.
  • Stop virurses to spreading into your PC, Protects your data with self scan, Protects stealth of private data from spywares, When you connect pendive to PC it will start scanning automatically
  • Optimizes your PC's resources to make your games run smoother, Right click on folder/ file and start scan,
  • Block malwares, Removable drives protect data sharing devices.keep them attack free, When you Turns your PC antivirus start scheduled scan,
  • Tiny updates available, Update antivirus offine, Automatic tiny updates keeps your computer security updated 24/7,